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The Effects of Reforming a Federal Employment Agency on Labor Demand

In this paper we report the results of an empirical study on the employment growth effects of a policy intervention, explicitly aimed at increasing placement efficiency of the Federal Employment Agency in Germany. Find out more in our latest SFB 823 discussion paper No. 28/2019. Abstract: We use the Hartz III reform in the year 2004 as an exogenous intervention that improves the matching process and compare establishments that use the services of the Federal Employment Agency with establishments that do not use the placement services. Using detailed German establishment level data, our difference-in-differences estimates reveal an increase in employment…

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Twitter in Economic Research (updated)

Introduction The purpose of this blog post is to provide information and examples for getting Twitter data for academic research. Specifically, I describe how to collect tweets according to specific criteria via the Twitter API using the Python library tweepy. The goal is to use tweepy for retrieving specific tweets and their properties (such as length, number of retweets, number of likes) for a specific hashtag. A comprehensive overview for the tweepy package describing all the functionality is given in the tweepy documentation. Finally, a few examples in an economic framework are given for the application of this kind of analysis. Access…

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